J Tillman Jacket Weld or Die Part#9062 (Medium to 3XL)

Part Numbers: 9062M, 9062L, 9062XL, 90622X, 90623X
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J Tillman Welding Jacket Weld or Die #9062

Attitude with Protection: Weld or Die

Protecting yourself during welding doesn’t have to come at a cost. This durable J. Tillman Weld or Die Jacket is on sale now at Welder Supply. The jacket is black with a “Weld or Die” logo on the back. We recommend this jacket for light welding applications. Ensure optimal protection by washing regularly. The Westex FR7A flame retardant functions with up to 25 commercial washings and 50 home washings.

The Soapstone pockets on the sleeves of the welding jacket are also included to add extra storage space. Count on this Weld or Die J. Tillman welding jacket for superior comfort and protection. Weighing just 8 oz., this jacket gives you the best lightweight feel needed when welding. The J. Tillman welding jackets measure 30” and come in M-3XL sizes. Check out our sizing chart and get your protective J. Tillman Weld or Die jacket today!  Stay safe and look great!


  • Weld or Die graphic on back. Onyx logo on front.
  • Black, 9 oz. Westex FR7A, 100% cotton flame retardant fabric.
  • Economical protection for light duty welding activity. Must be kept clean to ensure protection.
  • Soapstone pocket on each sleeve, outside front pocket for small-item storage and easier access.
  • Cool, comfortable, washable.
  • Maintains flame resistance for up to 50 home or 25 commercial washings.
  • Measures 30" in length.
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