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Miller MIG Lined Glove #263333

Getting burned is never fun. This kind of discomfort makes it harder for you to do your work well. For this reason, Welders Supply presents Miller’s MIG welding glove. They designed the perfect MIG welding glove specifically for the welder’s protection and comfort in mind.

You want to be protected from the hazards inherent with welding. The wrong gloves, when hit by molten metal, will burn a hole right through your glove. Worse, the material might melt to your skin. With the Miller welding glove, using a combination of fleece and foam padding, you won’t have holes melted straight through. Neither will the material melt to your hand.

The MIG glove contains three different kinds of leather (grain pigskin, goatskin, and cowhide). All of them integrated to provide the right kind of durability while giving you the best feel possible. But the padding and leather aren’t just for protection. They’re also for functionality. The glove is designed for a tight fit and exceptional dexterity. No loose fitting here making the glove like a second skin.

Miller develops the glove specifically for you, the MIG welder, with your comfort 100% in mind. Welders Supply is your go to supplier of welding protection products offering premium quality materials at discounted prices. We encourage you to compare our prices to other premium quality products.

Grab your Miller MIG welding gloves in sizes Medium, Large, and X-Large or check out our selection of safety products at Welders Supply today.

Welders Supply presents Miller's New Lined MIG Glove!

  • Dual padded palm for added comfort
  • Fleece insulated palm, foam
  • Insulated back
  • Original wrap-around keystone thumb design for exceptional dexterity and comfort

#263 332 Medium – replaces #249 175

#263 333 Large – replaces #249 176

#263 334 X-Large – replaces #249 177

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Product Questions and Answers

Q - Could these be used for TIG welding? A - They're designed for dexterity and comfort, but we wouldn't recommend using them for TIG. This is a MIG welding glove, with all the protection you need for MIG welding.
Q - What kind of insulation does this glove have? A - Fleece in the palm, foam on the back

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