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ArcOne AirPlus Powered Air System Part #AP1K-V-X81VX (APX81VX-1500 and AP-1)

Part Numbers: AP1K-V-X81VX

 This Consists of 2 Part Numbers APX81VX-1500 and AP-1

Included with your purchase ():

ArcOne AirPlus Powered Air System #WSCAP1X81VX1500
ArcOne AirPlus Powered Air System Part #...
Black Stallion Split Cowhide Gloves
Black Stallion Split Cowhide Stick Glove...
$885.00 + Free Shipping $1,174.00*
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$885.00 + Free Shipping $1,174.00*
SAVE $289.00

Helmet Viewing Area:

10+ in²

ArcOne AirPlus Powered Air System #AP1K-V-X81VX (APX81VX-1500 and AP-1)


ArcOne®: From Upstart Auto-Darkening Lens Pioneer to World Leader in Personal Safety Equipment

ArcOne® is a highly regarded manufacturer of personal protection equipment for industrial applications. They are best known for their innovations in the evolution of Auto-Darkening welding helmets. Founded in 1992, they have grown and expanded into new categories of industrial safety products, including hard hats, visors, safety glasses and respiratory protection products.

The company got its start as an exclusive OEM for a then-new Auto-Darkening welding hat filter developed by a Swiss company. Throughout the 1990s, ArcOne’s Auto-Darkening technology gained a loyal following and by 1997 it was the top seller in North America. The company grew rapidly and expanded their line, with many new products originating from their US division. Today, most of the design and engineering for ArcOne products is done at their Massachusetts facility.

Innovation And Affordability Key To Success

ArcOne is recognized worldwide as the leader in low power Auto-Darkening lens technology. Their in-house engineering team continues to improve upon this technology and to develop other industry-leading solutions for industrial safety.

Besides a commitment to innovation, they are also determined to make their products affordable for those who depend upon them every day. Welders Supply is pleased to offer ArcOne safety equipment at the lowest possible online prices.

As the leader in developing Auto-Darkening lens technology, ArcOne chalked up these firsts:

  • First Auto-Darkening helmet priced under $200
  • First North American company to implement solar technology
  • First company to offer retro-fit Auto-Darkening filters
  • First company with waterproof filters
  • First Auto-Darkening helmet with extended viewing area
  • First Auto-Darkening filter to weld around corners
  • First company to create helmets with themed graphics
  • First Auto-Darkening helmet with digital LED display
  • First Auto-Darkening helmet with internal LCD screen that doesn’t require battery changes
  • First Auto-Darkening helmet with oversized viewing area—40% larger than any other helmet
  • First Auto-Darkening helmet with iDF (Intelligent Darkening Filter)

ArcOne Products Include:

  • Auto-Darkening welding helmets and lenses
  • Safety glasses, goggles, and visors
  • Hard hats
  • Respiratory protection systems
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ArcOne AirPlus Powered Air System Part #AP1K-V-X81VX Specs

  • 8-setting airflow control, minimum flow at 170 LPM
  • Constant airflow correction technology
  • Visual and audible alarms for low battery voltage
  • Includes smart charger
  • 14-hour lithium-ion battery (at minimum fan speed)
  • Audible and vibration alarms for low flow (clogged filter) and missing filter
  • Flexible breathing tube with quick disconnect and fire retardant air-hose cover
  • Ergonomic comfortable belt
  • Washable face seal
  • Convenient single, replaceable HEPA filter
  • NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84 Approval Number: TC-21C-0947

Product Questions and Answers

Q - Is there a chin and neck protector that will work with this helmet? A - Yes, ArcOne makes a leather chin and neck protector that will work with all ArcOne helmets and most others, too. Part #CG-01
Q - What is the battery life like on the respirator? A - 14 hours with fan at minimum speed.

How to instal a filter:

  1. Remove packaging.

    Remove any packaging from the filter.

  2. Open cover.

    Open the filter cover.

  3. Remove old filter.

    Remove the old filter (if installed) with a slight twisting motion as you pull it away from the blower.

  4. Install new filter.

    Install the new filter onto the blower using the same rotating motion as you push.

  5. Close filter cover.

    Close the filter cover onto the blower, making sure the right tab snaps onto the blower.

  6. Secure filter cover.

    Check that the filter cover is secured.

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