Hougen Rotafoam Cutting Fluid #11747

Product Number: 11747
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Hougen Rotafoam Cutting Fluid #11747

Hougen RotaFoam Cutting Fluid is an extremely heavy-duty, high-performance foamy lubricant for all types of metals and metalworking applications. "Super Sticky" properties make the foam adhere to the metal and stay on longer. The blue-colored foam allows you to "See Where You Spray" and also assures thorough coverage. Use with annular cutters, taps, drills, reamers, end mills, & more (Only Available in the US & Canada)

  • Works on all materials
  • Improves surface finish
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Hougen Rotafoam Cutting Fluid - #11747

  • 17 Oz can
  • "Super Sticky" foam
  • Blue coloring

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