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HOUGEN HMD904 with Swivel Base
HOUGEN HMD904 with Swivel Base #0904103
$1,125.00* You Save $169.00
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Product Number: 0904103
Hougen 2” Cutter Kit
Hougen 2” Cutter Kit #12002
$299.95* You Save $55.95
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Product Number: 12002
Hougen 1” Cutter Kit
Hougen 1” Cutter Kit Part #12001
$199.95* You Save $38.95
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Product Number: 12001
Hougen Rotafoam Cutting Fluid
Hougen Rotafoam Cutting Fluid #11747
$12.50* You Save $0.78
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Product Number: 11747
Hougen Rotacut Kit
Hougen Rotacut Kit #11075C
$87.50* You Save $17.50
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Product Number: 11075C

Hougen Provides Portable Solutions for Every Application

For over 50 years Hougen has been a leading manufacturer in portable magnetic drills and annular cutters. No matter your application Hougen’s lightweight, portable magnetic drills allow you to get your job done faster and with more accuracy. Hougen’s drills, sheet metal cutters and accessories are used in a variety of industries, like electrical, piping, conduit work, sheetmetal fabrication and spotweld removal.

Welders Supply offers three different cutter kits to fit any job’s need. Hougen also offers their Rotafoam cutting fluid that works on all types of metals to keep all your tools working properly for longer.

Contact the welding professionals at Welders Supply today for portable Hougen magnetic drills and other quality welding equipment at the lowest online prices you’ll find anywhere.