Welders Supply T-Shirt & Stickers

Welders Supply T-Shirt: Work in it. Play in it. Revel in it.

Not just another T-shirt destined for the rag bin, Welders Supply T-shirts are sharp enough to actually wear. They are made with 100% cotton and proudly emblazoned with four unique styles and our logo on the back or sleeve. These smart-looking shirts capture the Welders Supply brand in a single design, letting the world know, "We are Welders." 

Color and style may vary depending on supply.

Free T-Shirt & Welders with Select Purchases

Since its beginnings in Beloit, Wisconsin in 1938, Welders Supply has been committed to providing America’s welders with products they can trust. Our team is made up of experienced welders who can help you choose the best welding tools and equipment for your needs. As a token of appreciation for shopping with us, we offer FREE t-shirts & stickers with select purchases on weldersupply.com. Rock the gear - Be proud to be a welder!

American Welder

Welders Supply proudly presents our iconic "American Welder" T-shirt and sticker combo. Crafted with 100% cotton, the T-shirt is more than just a piece of clothing. Emblazoned with an American flag on the front and our logo on the back, it symbolizes our dedication to the craft.

Accompanying the T-shirt are our exclusive Welders Supply stickers. Bearing the rallying cry 'We Are Welders,' these stickers represent our commitment to providing quality products and expert guidance since 1938. Let your gear and workspace showcase your pride in the welding community with these special stickers.

Respect Your Welders

Made from 100% cotton, this shirt is soft and comfortable, perfect for wearin' on the job or out on the town. And with its Welders Supply logo on the front and sleeve, you'll be reppin' your favorite welding supply store wherever you go. Stick the included stickers on your gear, toolbox, or anywhere to showcase your welding pride.

As fellow welders, we curate the highest quality plasma cutters, welders, welding wire, helmets, and more to help you get the job done right. Rep the Welders Supply family with pride. Let your welding torch be your paintbrush and bring art to life with metal. Wear the welder's skull!

Man of Steel/Woman of Steel

As fellow welders, we know the satisfaction that comes from building and creating. That's why we offer the highest quality welding gear to help you achieve your visions. Wear the Welders Supply Man of Steel/Woman of Steel tee as your uniform. Stick the included stickers on your gear, toolbox, or anywhere to showcase your welding superhero pride.

The front displays a custom Superman logo with the Welders Supply logo boldly at the center. "Man of Steel" or "Woman of Steel" printed above salutes the welder's strength and dedication. The Welders Supply logo on the sleeve adds a signature style.

Let your torch be your power. Shape steel into art, structures, vehicles, and more with skill and pride. You are the Man - or Woman - of Steel.

Note: "Woman of Steel" shirt does not come in 3XL size.

Get an exclusive Welders Supply t-shirt & stickers FREE with the purchase of qualifying welding gear.

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