Tillman Stick Welding Gloves, Elk Skin (Onyx) #875

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Tillman Stick Welding Gloves, Elk Skin (Onyx) #875

The Tillman 875 stick welding gloves are Tillman’s high-end stick welding gloves. Modeled after the Tillman 850, the bestselling Tillman stick welding gloves, these two gloves are nearly identical. The only difference between the two is that the 875 is make with top-grain elk skin dyed black, instead of the gold color on the 850. Elk skin provides a great feel and stays soft, even when hot. Because it also resists shrinkage, it will continue to fit even after many uses. The 875 has an unlined palm for greater dexterity and a straight thumb with reinforcement at the stress point. A cotton/foam lining on the back adds protection from heat, and Kevlar thread helps keep these gloves intact even with heavy use.

Tillman Welding Gloves Size Chart


Tillman welding gloves size chart


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Product Questions and Answers

Q - Are these flexible enough for TIG welding? A - Tillman recommends these for MIG and Stick welding only. They are too bulky for most TIG welders.
Q - Is Elkskin more flexible than Cowhide? A - Yes. It molds to your hand and stays soft in high heat conditions. You'll have greater dexterity for welding with these gloves.

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