Miller Weldcraft A-125 Valve, Rubber, 12.5 ft & 25 ft., TIG Welding Torch Package #WP-9V-12-R, WP-9V-25-R

Part Numbers: WP-9V-12-R, WP-9V-25-R
UPC: 608201106257
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Miller Weldcraft A-125 TIG Weldingh Torch #WP-9V-12-R & #WP-9V-25-R

The Miller Weldcraft A-125 #WP-9V-12-R and WP-9V-25-R are TIG welding torches that have a reach of 12.5 (#WP-9V-12-R) or 25ft (#WP-9V-25-R). Both of these leads are made of a durable rubber that allows for secure connections while at the same time allow flexible movement. Flexibility is the key feature of the A-125 and is visible throughout the design, from the adjustable neck of the torch to the pencil-style design. Further, this torch has been created without a back cap. All of this enables the torch to reach and maneuver in tight locations, making it a must-have for the jobs that require the nimblest hands and equipment.


  • A-125 Valve Torch Body
  • Handle
  • 1-Piece Power Cable
  • Made of Standard Rubber
  • 12.5 ft. or 25 ft. lead
  • Long back cap


  • Aerospace
  • Boat / Yacht
  • Construction
  • DIY / Home Hobbyist
  • Farm and Ranch
  • Heavy Equipment Manufacturing
  • High Purity Processing
  • Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing
  • Metal Art / Sculptures
  • Auto / Cycle (Racing, Customizing, Restoring)
  • Railcar
  • Shipbuilding
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