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Harris® Harris® Ironworker® Limited Edition 8525GX-510 DLX Camo Kit

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Product Number: 4403262

Harris® Ironworker® Limited Edition 8525GX-510 DLX Camo Kit 4403262

The Ironworker® camo welding and cutting kit for use with all fuel gases/acetylene includes Harris’ most popular regulator the Model 25GX. The regulators feature large, easy-to-read, dual scale 2.5” steel gauges with digital camo finish, an ergonomic adjusting knob for precise pressure adjustments, one-piece encapsulated seats for longer service life, and a 7-year warranty. Harris’ popular Model 85 torch handle features twin-tube silver-brazed connections for safety and durability and is equipped with FlashGuard® check valves. The Model 72-3 cutting attachment with brazed triangular stainless steel tubes makes it lightweight while providing exceptional strength and rigidity. The ease-on cutting valve provides smoother, controlled starts. The forged solid brass head provides years of safe, dependable service, even under the most abusive conditions. Also included are a cutting tip, Shade 5 ANSI approved safety glasses, ignitor and 1/4" x 20' hose packaged in a US Government 40mm ammunition can. All other components in the kit have a 1-year warranty. The kit is capable of cutting up to 1" (25.4mm) plate with supplied tip, cutting up to 6" (152.4mm) plate with optional tip(s) and welding up to 1/2” (12.7mm) plate with optional tip(s).


  • Complete Ironworker® deluxe camo kit for most cutting and welding projects
  • Combination kit is designed to use all fuel gases/acetylene
  • Harris' most popular industrial Model 25GX regulators feature large, easy-to-read, dual scale 2.5" steel gauges and ergonomic adjusting knob with a digital camo finish
  • The regulators have a one-piece encapsulated seat design with internal filter and PTFE Teflon® seat to protect them from particulate contamination
  • The Model 85 torch handle has twin-tube, silver-brazed connections and is equipped with replaceable FlashGuard® check valves
  • The Model 72-3 cutting attachment features brazed triangular stainless steel tubes, fold-forward cutting lever, ease-on cutting valve and solid brass head
  • Kit includes Model 6290-1AC cutting tip
  • Accessories include Shade 5 safety glasses (ANSI Z87.1 CE Weld), #26 Ignitor, 1/4" x 20' twin "R" grade hose and US Government 40mm ammunition can
  • Cuts up to 5" (127.0mm) plate with optional tip(s);Welds up to 1/2" (12.7mm) plate with optional tip(s)
  • 7 year warranty for regulators and 1 year for all other components


Height: 18.63 Inches
Width: 6.31 Inches
Length: 19.00 Inches
Weight: 26 Lb(s) 15 Oz

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