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Victor LP-3 Turbo Torch Kit #0386-0006

Victor LP-3 Turbo Torch Kit 0386-0006: Does It All For Less

The Victor LP-3 Turbo Torch Kit 0386-0006 from Welders Supply is a perfect starter torch kit. It’s safe, convenient, and with Victor’s patented Swirl Combustion technology, it's incredibly effective. It is also inexpensive to use, since it does not need propane or MAP-Pro gases. Every weld is more cost-effective! There is a fine selection of tip sizes, enabling you to complete virtually any welding job that comes your way. The kit comes complete with an Instruction Manual, RL-P Regulator, T-4 Tip, H-12 Hose and H-4 Handle. Using the Victor LP-3 Turbo Torch Kit 0386-0006 with MAPP (methylacetylene-propadiene propane) enables you to soft solder to 6" and Silver Braze to 4". Check out our great price on the Victor LP-3 and order yours online today from Welders Supply.

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Victor LP-3 Turbo Torch Kit 0386-0006: Suitable for Industrial, Commercial or Home Use

The Victor LP-3 Turbo Torch Kit 0386-0006 from Welders Supply is a reliable, strong welding torch. Its durable materials and solid construction assure you will get many years of use from it. This hand torch is suitable anywhere – industrial, commercial or home DIY applications. The specially designed quick disconnect fittings let you quickly and easily change tips so you can move from one project to another with ease. No matter the project, this torch handle will allow you to get the job done. It’s the right tool so you can do the work right.

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Included Features

Process(es) Air/MAPP and Propane
Industrial Applications  

High capacity applications

Kit Includes:

  • Instruction Manual
  • RL-P Regulator, CGA-510
  • T-4 Tip
  • H-12 Hose
  • H-4 Handle
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