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Acetylene, or chemical formula C2H2, is the most common type of gas used in the general welding industry. Acetylene gas is very useful in the oxy-fuel cutting of carbon steel and the brazing of refractory oxide metals.

Acetylene gas is a compound consisting of 2 carbon atoms and 2 hydrogen atoms and manufactured by combining calcium carbide with water or as a petrochemical. Acetylene gas:

In addition, Acetylene gas creates a reducing atmosphere when burned, which means it is very effective at breaking down metal oxides. This unique combination of physical attributes makes acetylene gas very useful in the oxy-fuel cutting of carbon steel and the brazing of refractory oxide metals. Acetylene gas is the best fuel choice for torch welding of carbon steels though this process is rarely used today.

Acetylene gas is very unstable at pressures above 30 PSI and is subject to explosion upon impact. It also represents an extreme fire hazard when contained within specially designed cylinders and when being used in its common applications. Other historic uses for acetylene gas have been replaced by safer fuel gases or processes. Be sure to consult a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before working with acetylene or contact Welder Supply for more information.

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