Miller Leather Bib/Apron Part#231125

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Miller Leather Bib/Apron #231125

The Leather Bib/Apron #231125 from Welders Supply is an effective, fine-quality and comfortable item which will withstand sparks and spatter for a long period of time. It is made with premium grain pigskin leather. There is expandable leather placed strategically to give you much improved freedom of movement, a key to greater efficiency and safety on the job. The inside cuff is flame resistant. All of the seams are sewn with only the use of Kevlar thread. This adds even more durability. The corduroy collar and satin lining makes the Leather Bib/Apron Part#231125 from Welders Supply even more comfortable and good-fitting. The tapered, athletic cut delivers a better, more comfortable fit.

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Leather Bib/Apron Features

  • Premium grain pigskin leather withstands sparks and spatter for long-term use
  • Expandable leather strategically placed for added mobility
  • Flame-resistant inside cuff
  • Sewn entirely with Kevlar® thread adding structural durability at each seam
  • Corduroy collar and satin lining provide enhanced comfort and fit
  • Tapered, athletic cut for improved fit
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Height: 0.50 Inches
Width: 9.00 Inches
Length: 13.00 Inches
Weight: 0 Lb(s) 7 Oz

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