Miller Classic Cloth Apron Part #247149

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Miller Classic Cloth Apron #247149: Traditional Look, Modern Performance

The Classic Cloth Apron 247149 from Welders Supply is old-style all the way. The 9-ounce flame resistant material is fully flame retardant – preshrunk to eliminate shrinkage. There is an easily accessible front pocket. The apron is thirty-five inches in length, offering excellent protection during welding. The draw string is easy to adjust, making it much simpler to get an ideal fit around your neck and waist. The hems are finished and the stitching is reinforced, making the apron even longer lasting. The Classic Cloth Apron 247149 from Welders Supply will make you look like a real old-time welder – professional and protected!

Miller Classic Cloth Apron Features

  • 9 oz. Flame-resistant Navy cotton
  • 35 inch length
  • Pre-shrunk fabric eliminating shrinkage
  • Convenient adjustable drawstring ensures a superior fit around the neck and waist
  • Accessible front pocket
  • Finished hems and reinforced stitching enhance durability
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Height: 0.50 Inches
Width: 10.00 Inches
Length: 14.00 Inches
Weight: 0 Lb(s) 10 Oz

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