Miller Classic Cloth Sleeves Part#247148

Product Number: 247148
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Miller Classic Cloth Sleeves #247148: Traditional Protective Design

The Classic Cloth Sleeves 247148 from Welders Supply has the classic design of traditional welding protective apparel. The 9-ounce navy cotton is flame-resistant and fully washable. The fabric is preshrunk to eliminate shrinkage. The sleeves are eighteen inches long with fold-in sleeve snaps for a better fit around your wrists. There is a unique one-handed cinch closure to make the sleeves very easy to adjust. The sleeves will last a longer time due to reinforced stitching and finished hems. The sleeves are built to protect you well and last a long time for you. Welders Supply is proud to offer excellent protective apparel like the Classic Cloth Sleeves 247148.

Miller Classic Cloth Sleeve Features

  • 9 oz. Flame-resistant Navy cotton
  • 18 inch length
  • Pre-shrunk fabric eliminating shrinkage
  • Innovative one-handed cinch closure for easy adjustability
  • "Fold-in" sleeve snaps for a better fit around the wrist
  • Finished hems and reinforced stitching enhance durability
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Height: 0.25 Inches
Width: 9.00 Inches
Length: 13.00 Inches
Weight: 0 Lb(s) 6 Oz

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