Hobart HB-28 ER70S-6 .035 Mig Welding Wire choose, 2 LB, 10 LB

Part Numbers: S305408-019, S305408-022
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Hobart HB-28 Mig Welding Wire #S305408

Hobart HB-28 MIG Welding Wire Consistently offers Smooth Weld Beads

This copper coated carbon steel .035 Hobart HB-28 MIG welding wire is AWS classified as an ER70S-6. This wire is idea for indoor conditions with no wind, and for surfaces which may have rust or scale on the surface.

This wire consistently offers a stable arc. It can be used with either a pure CO2 shield or a combination CO2/Argon shield mix. This welding wire is best suited for a short circuit transfer or general fabrication. The Hobart HB-28 MIG welding wire can also be used for steel casings and thin sheet metal.

This wire has low splatter, which allows for quick, minimal cleanup after you’re done with the weld. The high amount of deoxidizers present in the wire, plus the added silicone give this wire a smooth arc, and an even precise weld.

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Name HB-28
Category Mild and Low Alloy, Copper-Coated
Description A copper-coated, mild steel solid welding wire that is formulated with a high deoxidizer content to provide excellent welding performance with CO2 and argon rich shielding gases. HB-28 produces an exceptionally smooth and stable arc with minimal spatter and offers good wetting characteristics that allow for uniform tie-in.
Diameter 0.024 Inches (0.6 mm)
Package choose 2#, 10# spool
Applications Single or multiple pass 75 Argon/25 CO2 or CO2
Industries Pressure vessels, pipe, shaft build-up, tanks, farm implements, steel castings, auto body, collision repair and very thin sheet metal. Excellent choice when welding with wire feed speeds ranking from very slow to moderately fast.


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