Miller Weldcraft™ A-150, Mono-Flex, 12.5 ft.Torch Package #WP1712MFM

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Miller Weldcraft™ A-150, Mono-Flex, 12.5 ft.Torch Package #WP1712MFM

Formerly known as the WP-17 Series, the A-150 Series is comprised of an assortment of versatile and innovative air-cooled torches designed for maximum operator comfort.


  • A-150 Torch Body
  • Handle
  • Collet 3/32" (2.4MM)
  • Collet Body 3/32" (2.4MM)
  • Weldcraft Alumina Nozzle #7 (7/16")
  • Long back cap
  • Braided 12.5ft (3.8M) Power Cable
  • 1 Weldcraft 2% Ceriated Tungsten 3/32"x7" (2.4MMx175MM)

Eight Models Available

A-150, A-150 Flex, A-150 Flex Valve, A-150 Valve, A-150 Flex Redhead, A-150 Flex Valve Redhead, A-150 Positive Stop Handle, A-150 Valve Positive Stop Handle

Diamond Grip™ Head Design

With ergonomic contact points for thumb and fingers, the head design on the A-150 and A-150 Valve have a more comfortable grip and reduce operator fatigue.

Improve Control and Comfort

The A-150 Flex flexible neck allows access into hard-to-reach areas.

Maximum Versatility

Utilize the Redhead Series torches in a variety of welding applications without adding expenses.

Reduce Downtime

The ribbed handle and torch design provides cool operation and maximum operator comfort while reducing downtime caused by operator fatigue.

Utilize Existing Parts

Replacement parts are easy to find as the A-150 Series uses standard Weldcraft 10N Series consumables.

12.5 ft. or 25 ft. Single or Heavy Duty Two-Piece Cable Assembly

Heavy-duty cable assembly allows use of a larger conductor for the power cable, which simplifies repair and replacement making it ideal for field applications.
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Weldcraft™ A-150, Mono-Flex, 12.5 ft.Torch Package #WP1712MFM Specifications

Title Weldcraft™ A-150, Mono-Flex, 12.5 ft., Accessories, Torch Package
Processes TIG (GTAW)
Industries Interests Aerospace
Boat / Yacht
DIY / Home Hobbyist
Farm and Ranch
Heavy Equipment Manufacturing
High Purity Processing
Metal Art / Sculptures
Racing / Customizing / Restoring
Cable Length 12.5 ft
Torch Handle Type Ribbed
Torches Type A 150
Cutting Capacity 0 - 115
Warranty Miller's True Blue Warranty


Height: 2.00 Inches
Width: 12.00 Inches
Length: 12.00 Inches
Weight: 3 Lb(s) 12 Oz

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