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Miller S-74 MPa Plus (Single) #951291

Part Number: 951291
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  •  Miller's True Blue Warranty
  •  Lightweight
  •  Mig Welding Type

S-74 MPa Plus (Single) #951291

Expanded capabilities from 74D, adds push-pull aluminum capabilities. Optimized with Invision™ MPa or XMT® MPa power sources.


  • S-74 MPa Plus (Single)
  • BTB 400A Gun
  • Centerfire contact tips, .035 (QTY 3), .045 (QTY 2)
  • .035-.045 reversible dual V drive rolls

Trigger Schedule Select

Save time when switching between two weld settings by simply tapping gun trigger.


Properly seats the MIG gun power pin for best feeding performance.


Gives you the ability to use the extended reach of a push-pull system for consistent, versatile and dependable aluminum wire feeding.

Digital Meters

Ensure accuracy when presetting and reading actual voltage, amperage and wire feed speed.

Remote Voltage Control

Allows you to set both voltage and wire feed speed at the feeder, saving time and increasing weld quality because optimal weld parameters are easy to set.

Complete Your System

Dedicated XR™-Pistol Plus and XR-Aluma-Pro™ Plus guns work with this feeder to coordinate wire feed speed of the gun and the feeder. This provides optimized aluminum feeding and welding performance.

Additional features when used with Invision MPa or XMT MPa power sources

Synergic Pulsed MIG. As wire speed increases/decreases, pulse parameters also increase/decrease to match the right amount of power needed, eliminating the need to make additional adjustments. Profile Pulse™ provides TIG appearance with MIG simplicity and productivity. Achieve “stacked dimes” without gun manipulation. Profile Pulse frequency can be changed to increase or decrease the spacing between the ripple pattern to achieve the desired weld appearance.

Remote Configurations

Remote wire feeder control boxes and wire drive assemblies are available for non-Miller boom applications.

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S-74 MPa Plus (Single) #951291 Specifications

Title S-74 MPa Plus (Single)
Processes Flux Cored (FCAW)
Industries Interests Aerospace
Heavy Equipment Manufacturing
Boat / Yacht
High Purity Processing
Input Circuit Welding Rating 750A at 100% duty cycle
Power Source Compatibility CV
Welding Power Source Type CV
Wire Feeder Type Bench
Wire Feed Speed 50 IPM - 780 IPM
Wire Diameter Solid Wire 0.023 in 0.094 in
Flux Cored 0.023 in 0.094 in
Aluminum 0.03 in 0.0625 in
Warranty Miller's True Blue Warranty


Height: 12.00 Inches
Width: 14.00 Inches
Length: 27.00 Inches
Weight: 68 Lb(s) 0 Oz

Product Questions and Answers

Q - What size wire does it handle? A - .023 to 5/64" diameter wire at speeds ranging from 50 to 780 ipm.
Q - Can this be used with push pull MIG guns? A - Yes, it will work with Miller push-pull aluminum MIG guns.

How to access the setup menu:

  1. Press and release the SETUP button.


  2. Select menu items.

    Rotate the LEFT ADJUST KNOB to select menu items shown in the LEFT DISPLAY. Rotate RIGHT ADJUST KNOB to change menu item values shown in the RIGHT DISPLAY.

  3. Exit SETUP MENU.

    To exit SETUP MENU, press and release the SETUP button.

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