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Miller FILTAIR® SWX Dual-Arm Add-On Package 951621

Part Numbers: 951621
UPCs: 715959616607
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Miller FILTAIR® SWX Dual-Arm Add-On Package 951621, 3-4.5 ft. Telescoping Fume Extraction Arm

The Miller FILTAIR® SWX is a wall- or column-mounted fume extraction system designed specifically for welding. The capture zone is extended to extract more fumes from further away, staying out of your way and requiring less adjustment. Capturing fumes at the source is crucial to maintaining a clean breathing zone for welders and keeping the facility clean. ZoneFlow technology produces up to five feet of extraction from the end of the arm. Typical extraction arms only offer 18 inches of fume extraction. With such a significant distance, the Miller FILTAIR® Fume Extraction system offers a significant upgrade to your welding facility. Add to that the flexibility of the arm itself and the range of fume extraction grows exponentially--especially if you choose to install one of the longer arms like the 10- or 12-foot models. 

The Dual-Arm Add-On package provides an opportunity to optimize your fume extraction system with industry-leading quality and capability. Having two arms instead of one allows for more welding in the same area, and presents an opportunity to add a shorter or longer arm to your extraction system. It's the perfect addition for assembly-line style welding or welding workspaces within the same area. For a cleaner and safer welding environment, the Miller FILTAIR® SWX Fume Extraction System is the ideal addition to your workshop, warehouse, garage, or other welding space. 


  • 8 in. diameter telescoping arm (3-4.5 ft.)
  • Backdraft dampers
  • Flexible duct (7 x 37 in. )
  • Mounting bracket for blower/arm
  • 115 V on/off control box
  • 115 V blower

Easy-to-Use Telescoping Arm

Ideal for small spaces and offers reliable and accurate positioning across the full range of motion of the arm. Easy adjustments and maintenance ensures long-lasting operation. Pre-assembled telescoping arms can extend from 3 to 4.5 feet.

Durable Bellmouth-Shaped Hood

Features a convenient 360 degree rotation for unlimited positioning. The FILTAIR® extraction hood captures weld fumes at a greater distance from the source than other hood designs. This also means less hood adjustments for longer welds.

Class Leading Suction Power

A high-performance fan generates 1,200 cfm and creates an Accu-Rated minimum of 875 cfm extraction at the hood to better capture weld fumes and provide a cleaner environment.

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Industrial Applications Processes Filter Media Accu-Rated Airflow Sound Level at 5 ft. Extraction Arm
Schools & training facilities Stick (SMAW) 490 sq. ft. (45.52 sq. m) 875 cfm (413 L/sec.) Standard: Approx. 75 dBA Telescoping: 3 - 4.5 ft. length
Manufacturing & fabrication Flux-cored (FCAW)     ZoneFlow: Approx. 80 dBA Standard: 7, 10 or 12 ft. length
Fixed welding cells/stations MIG (GMAW)       ZoneFlow: 10 or 12 ft. length
  TIG (GTAW)        


Height: 30.00 Inches
Width: 36.00 Inches
Length: 59.00 Inches
Weight: 149 Lb(s) 0 Oz

Product Questions and Answers

Q - How far does the arm extend? A - From 3 to 4.5 feet.
Q - Is the mounting bracket included? A - Yes, the mounting bracket, backdraft dampers, flexible duct, 115V on/off control box and 115 V blower are included, along with the 8" diameter telescoping arm

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