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Best 3 TIG Welding Helmets

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Miller Digital Elite AutoDarkening Welding Helmet 'Lucky's Speed Shop' Miller Digital Elite AutoDarkening Welding Helmet 'Lucky's Speed Shop'
Miller Digital Elite Auto Darkening Helmet-Luckys Speed Shop #281001
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Best 3 TIG Welding Helmets

TIG Welding Helmets for SaleAnd the top 3 spots go to… Miller Digital Elite welding helmets! Actually, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the Digital Elite line. Miller has really dialed these helmets in for maximum performance and comfort—which makes them especially well-suited for TIG welding.

Miller Digital Elite helmets are rated to 5 amps, but also feature their “X mode.” In this setting, it isn’t the arc light that triggers the lens, but the electromagnetic energy produced when the arc is started. This is great because if you look away toward a window or other light source, the lens won’t darken. It’s also an exceptionally clear lens, which makes it ideal for smaller, more detailed welding work. Equipped with a long-lasting battery and an optional solar-assist, you’ll get a lot of use before you have to recharge.

If you wear glasses, you’re going to love how the Miller Digital Elite was designed to provide enough extra room for glasses. And if you need to get a close-up view of highly detailed welding work, you can have magnifying lenses installed.

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