Hypertherm Carrying Case With Foam for Powermax 30 XP #127410

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Hypertherm Carrying Case with Foam for Powermax 30 XP #127410

Durable Hypertherm Accessories Case Provides Job Site Organization

This is Hypertherm’s ode to lasting organization when it comes to the Powermax 30 and Powermax 30 XP. Hats off to Hypertherm, one of the welding industry’s best brands, for giving us the tools we need to get jobs done.

Things get misplaced. People don’t have time to rearrange their things, because they’re always rushing off to another job, lugging their stuff along with them. The need for organization comes as no surprise to anyone who has ever been busy. That’s why Hypertherm created foam-lined carrying cases for their products’ accessories.

Built-to-Last Accessories Carrying Cases from Hypertherm

These cases are built to last, making them great for rough and tough job sites.

  • Their exteriors stand up to the rigors of sliding around in the bed of your truck.
  • Their foam-lined interiors keep the parts inside the case from sliding around and taking a beating just as well as their hard outer shells.
  • Toss the accessories inside the case, and close the lid. When you arrive at your next job site, everything will be exactly where you last placed it.

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Please Note - this product does not fit the Powermax 30 Air

Product Questions and Answers

Q - Does this case hold any plasma cutter? A - No, this case is designed specifically for the Powermax 30 or 30 XP
Q - How tight does the plasma cutter fit in the case? A - It fits perfectly within the foam in the case, to make sure you can quickly get the plasma cutter in and out, and that it will be protected in transit.
Q - Does this have room for accessories as well? A - Yes, this case provides room for a number of accessories to enable good organization.

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