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Powermax 85 Handheld Consumable Kit #851468

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Product Number: 851468
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Powermax 85 Handheld Consumable Parts Kit #851468

Consumables don’t have to be a drag to buy, at Welders Supply we make sure you get the best products for what you pay. When you need new parts for your plasma cutter, we’ve got you covered with some of the best products for the best prices.

The Consumable kit for the Powermax 85 contains:

  • Two drag cutting shields
  • A retaining cap
  • A swirl ring
  • SEVEN mechanized cutting nozzles
  • SEVEN electrodes

All these products are what your plasma cutter needs replaced most often, and we have them all in one package at one great price. All these items could be bought separately, but this kit ensures you’ll have what you need – before you need it. Get this Hypertherm kit from Welders Supply and make the right investment in your equipment.

Choose unmatched quality and value by shopping Welders Supply for plasma cutters and accessories.
220818 Drag Cutting Shield 2
220854 Retaining Cap 1
220816 Drag cutting/Mechanized Cutting Nozzle 7
220842 Electrode 7
220857 Swirl Ring 1

HYPERTHERM Powermax 85 w/ Consumables Setup Video


Product Questions and Answers

Q - When should I reorder my Powermax 85 consumables kit? A - Order a new Powermax 85 consumables kit when your 6th nozzle is enlarged or oval, when the pit depth of hafnium/tungsten is over 1/32 in., when cracks appear in the retaining cap, or when slag starts to build up on the shield.

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