Hobart Champion® Elite 225 Welder/Generator #500562 / 11,000 Watt AC Generator

Part Numbers: 500562

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    •  Engine Driven
    •  Lightweight and Portable
    •  3-Year Manufacturing Warranty

    Hobart Champion® Elite 225 Welder/Generator #500562 / 11,000 Watt AC Generator

    Designed to be a jobsite workhorse, the Hobart Champion ELITE combines an 11,000 watt generator with a DC welder for general construction and emergency power applications. The Hobart Champion Elite is designed for Stick welding with quick and easy arc starts. It also performs general scratch-start DC TIG. It features a rugged, fully enclosed case which provides a protective barrier and lowers noise.

    All receptacles on the ELITE feature push-button reset circuit breakers. Auxiliary power while welding gives you the capability to run other equipment (lights, grinders) at the same time you are welding. With the quick set current control, it is easy to set up, provides smooth arc starts and maintains optimum arc characteristics. Cables sold separately.

    Lightest, Quietest, Most Compact Welder/Generator in the Market

    • DC weld output for smooth arc performance and easy starts
    • Four 120 volt GFCI (20 amp), one 240V (50 amp) and one 120/240 volt (50 amp) receptacles with push-button reset circuit breakers
    • Auxiliary power while welding gives you the capability to run other equipment (lights, grinder) at the same time you are welding
    • Heavy-duty construction with 100% duty cycle, fully-enclosed engine design, large battery, rugged electrical connections and wiring
    • Just over 3 ft long and weighs less than competitive units
    • "No tools" oil change and standard hour meter to help maintain routine scheduled oil servicing
    • Quick set current control - easy to set up and start welding.
    • Auto-idle for greater fuel savings and reduced noise
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    Rated Output at 25V 225 A at 100% Duty Cycle
    Max. Open-Circuit Voltage 80
    Welding Amperage Range 40 - 225 A DC
    Single-Phase Generator Power 11,000 W (10 kVa/kW), 60 Hz, 120/240 VAC;
    9500 watts continuous
    Dimensions H: 28 in (711 mm)
    W: 20 in (508 mm)
    D: 41 in (1041 mm)
    Net Weight Kohler: 490 lb (222 kg)


    Height: 20.00 Inches
    Width: 28.00 Inches
    Length: 41.00 Inches
    Weight: 490 Lb(s) 0 Oz

    Product Questions and Answers

    Q - What engine does this have? A - It's a Kohler CH730 gasoline engine. It takes regular 87 octane fuel with ethanol blends up to 10%.
    Q - Could this be used for MIG? A - It's not a good machine for MIG work. It's a constant current Stick welder, but could be set up for scratch start TIG welding with DC only.

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