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Miller XMT®, Invision™, AlumaPower™Inverter MIGRunner™ Cart #195445

Part Number: 195445
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Miller XMT®, Invision™, AlumaPower™Inverter MIG Runner™ Cart #195445

Created for MIG welders and for tough manufacturing environments where mobility and flexibility are necessary, the Miller XMT®, Invision™, AlumaPower™Inverter MIGRunner™ Cart 195455, does it all. The cart is perfect for holding the XMT system,  like a 60 series feeder, an XMT 304, with plenty of room on the bottom to store a stick lead, air-cooled TIG torch, or a spool gun. You can also store a tank of C25 and a tank of argon on the cart rear to make it easy to perform every operation with ease anywhere in the shop. The full swivel heavy duty caster wheels and industrial sized puncture proof rubber tires make it a breeze to maneuver around the shop.


MIG Runner™ Cart #195445

Features and Benefits:

Ergonomic Handles Durable, heavy-duty ergonomic handles are designed for comfortable and easy handling.
Cylinder Rack The cylinder rack is low enough to load gas bottle cylinders easily. The strap chain keeps the cylinders sturdily in place to avoid accidents in wobbling or lose cylinders.
Industrial Wheels The puncture-proof rubber industrial sized front tires provide a strong floor grip and easier push-pull maneuverability than traditional swivel-only carts. The heavy-duty full swivel caster wheels provide a full range of motion in environments where space is premium.
3-Tier Shelving The heavy duty shelving is manufactured to hold Miller quality welding systems and accessories. The 3-tier shelving structure allows for a complete custom welding system to me maneuvered in your manufacturing environment efficiently.
Warranty Miller's True Blue Warranty



Product Specifications:

  • Weight: 144 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 45 1/2" long, 31 1/2" wide, and 25 3/4" high


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Miller XMT®, Invision™, AlumaPower™Inverter MIGRunner™ Cart #195445 Specs

  • Supports: XMT, Invision, AlumaPower Inverter
  • Comes with Millers True Blue Warranty


Height: 25.75 Inches
Width: 31.50 Inches
Length: 45.50 Inches
Weight: 144 Lb(s) 0 Oz

Product Questions and Answers

How to Install Running Gear and Cylinder Rack:

  1. Install Handles.

    Install Handles with the rubber grips pointing down and out using supplied 3/8 -16 nuts and bolts.

  2. Install Clip.

    Install the center clip of the cylinder chain to the center hole of the bottle mounting bracket.

  3. Remove Skid.

    Remove the six lag bolts from the skid. Slide the cart forward.

  4. Move Cart.

    Remove front skid support. Roll cart off of the skid.

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