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Miller FILTAIR® SWX-S (Self Cleaning Ventilation System) #300600

Part Numbers: 300600
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Miller FILTAIR® SWX-S (Self Cleaning Option) 300600
Miller FILTAIR® SWX-S (Self Cleaning Ven...
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  • MIG Welding
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Miller FILTAIR® SWX-S (Self Cleaning Option)

Self-Cleaning Welding Fume Extraction System

The Miller FILTAIR SWX Self Cleaning Cabinet is the ideal model when your arc-on time is high and you don’t want to stop and clean the filters. By pushing one button, you can initiate a 1-minute self-cleaning cycle. The SWX-S model offers the best filtering performance while also making life easier.

FilTek Technology:

Using Miller’s FilTek XL technology, the FILTAIR SWX-S captures fume particles and deposits those into a particle bin. It also offers up to a 100% increase in filter life over treated cellulose filters. Our surface loading filters increase airflow, last longer, and make your life easier. 

Other Key Features:

  • Incredible fan generating 1,200 cfm
  • Merv 15 filter rating
  • Dual-fan for a 360-degree capture zone
  • Captures up to 95% of weld fume particles

Parts Included:

  1. SWX Self-cleaning filter cabinet
  2. FilTek XL Filter
  3. 37” Flexible hose
  4. 115V Cleaning control box


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Flux Cored (FCAW)
Stick (SMAW)


Title FILTAIR® SWX-S (Self Cleaning Option)
Industries Interests Aerospace
Heavy Equipment Manufacturing
High Purity Processing


Height: 42.00 Inches
Width: 32.00 Inches
Length: 38.00 Inches
Weight: 225 Lb(s) 0 Oz

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