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REVCO BSX Welders Backpack, tool bag, gig bag
REVCO BSX Welders Backpack,Tool Bag, & Gig Bag Part #GB100
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Product Number: GB100

What That Up in The Sky? It’s A Backpack. It’s A Tool Bag. It’s A Gig Bag. It’s A Super Idea!

The Revco BSX Welders Backpack is specially designed for the professional welder. There is plenty of room for anything you want to bring along – grinder, tools, gloves, grinding wheels, regulator, Tig torch, your welding helmet. It all rides with you – safe and easy all the way. Nothing will get squashed by your tools.

Revco BSX Welders Backpack Is Tough and Convenient

There’s a heavy duty zipper and snaps. They’re going to work great and last long. There are straps to secure everything and keep it all organized. The shoulder straps are wide so they are comfortable and simple to adjust so the backpack is easy on your back. There’s a tough handle if you want to carry it. The best things about it are its size and sturdiness. There is plenty of room for whatever you need, organized the way you want. The sturdiness means the backpack will be easy to carry no matter how much or how little you carry. Revco thought of everything when they designed this one!

Revco Welders Backpack Keeps Your Hands Free and Your Tools Neat

Not only does it work great, it also looks great. Student welders will love it, too. Here’s a great way to keep your hands free so your can carry your welders or plasma cutter. You’ll show up at the worksite ready and able to go right to work. It’s great when you travel, too. Your hands are free for your suitcase.

With the new Revco BSX Welders Backpack, you’ll be ready to weld Kryptonite!

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