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ESAB REBEL EM 215IC 120V/230V #0558102436

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Product Number: 0558102436
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ESAB REBEL EM 215IC 120V/230V #0558102436

The ESAB® Rebel™ EM 215ic is a complete 240 amp MIG welding package. It features sMIG technology that actually adapts the MIG arc characteristics to your unique welding style. Should you change your technique while welding, sMIG will automatically adjust on the fly.

The Rebel EM 215ic operates off of standard household 120 volt OR 230-volt input power. Weighing only 40 pounds, the 215ic is a light industrial welding machine that is truly portable. It comes complete with everything you need to start MIG welding, except the shielding gas.


  • MIG (GMAW)
  • TIG 
  • Flux Cored (FCAW)

Comes complete with:

  • ESAB® Rebel™ EM 215ic MIG welder
  • Tweco Fusion 180 MIG gun with 10-ft. (3-m) cable
  • Three spare MIG gun contact tips. 1 each in sizes .024, .030, .035
  • One V-Groove Drive Roll .024/.030, and one V-Knurled drive roll (for flux-cored welding) .030/.035
  • ESAB 70S-6 .030 4-in., 2-lb. sample spool
  • Tweco ground clamp with 10-ft. (3-m) leads
  • Victor argon flow gauge regulator with 12.5-ft. (3.8-m) gas hose
  • 230V plug, and 115V/20A plug adapter


Exclusive, built-in dynamic arc control that constantly monitors complex arc characteristics adapting to your technique to provide a smooth, stable arc and superior, repeatable welds 

Produces less spatter and weld defects

Two modes – basic and advanced - Basic mode reduces the MIG learning curve: set wire diameter and material thickness and you’re ready to weld. Advanced mode gives full control to adjust the arc characteristics to your liking

Direct plug for OPTIONAL spool gun - ideal for MIG welding aluminum

Runs on 120V–230V single-phase input power (adapter included)

Top-level performance across all processes – even on 120V power

Auto-detect knows what type of input power the machine’s connected to

Runs off a 3.7 kVA (120V) or 7.5 kVA (230V) generator

Large dual digital welding meters clearly display welding amps (wire feed speed) and volts


Five-handle roll cage for easy transport and handling

Steel unibody housing for increased protection and superior durability

Recessed body panels for increased strength


Height: 16.00 Inches
Width: 9.00 Inches
Length: 23.00 Inches
Weight: 40 Lb(s) 0 Oz

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