Miller FILTAIR® SWX Dual-Arm Add-On Package, 10 ft. ZoneFlow™ Fume Extraction Arm 951762

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$8,599.60 $9,931.00*
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  • Multiprocess Compatible
  • 115V Blower Motor
  • 1-Year Miller Warranty

FILTAIR® SWX Dual-Arm Add-On Package 951762, ZoneFlow™ Fume Extraction Arm

Miller’s FILTAIR line of line of fume extraction systems remove the toxic airborne metal oxide particulates created by welding processes. One of the great features of their system is that you can mix different arm types to solve whatever fume extraction challenges you have in your workspace. This dual-arm add-on package lets you add a second ZoneFlow ™ extraction arm for greater fume extraction capability.

The FILTAIR system can be mounted on a wall or a column near a workstation. The 10’ arm allows for good reach to the work station. This package includes a ZoneFlow motor control box and a 115 V blower.

MERV 15 Filter Rating for high-efficiency filtering

The filters in fume extraction systems are rated on the MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) scale, which rates filters on the size of airborne particulates they can trap. The MERV scale ranges from 1 to 16, with 16 being the best at filtering sub-micron oxide particles in welding fumes. Miller’s innovative FilTek XL filters carry a MERV rating of 15 and will filter up to 98% of weld fume particulates.


  • 8 in. diam. x 10 ft. ZoneFlow fume extraction arm
  • Backdraft dampers
  • Flexible duct (7 x 37 in.)
  • Mounting bracket for blower/arm
  • ZoneFlow motor control box
  • 115 V on/off control box
  • 115 V blower

ZoneFlow™ Technology

It creates a negative pressure zone that funnels air to the center of the arm from greater distances. The arm features convenient 360-degree rotation for unlimited positioning and extended welding time.

Easy-to-Operate ZoneFlow™ Arm

Arm with external adjustments for stronger cfm (airflow). Provides reliable and accurate positioning across the full range of motion of the arm, as well as easy adjustment and simplified maintenance. Extraction arms are available in 10- or 12-foot lengths.

Less Arm Movement

With a capture zone 3 times larger than traditional systems, users have less interaction with the arm, increasing arc-on time and productivity.

Class-Leading Suction Power

A high-performance fan generates 1,200 cfm and creates an Accu-Rated minimum of 875 cfm extraction at the hood to better capture weld fumes and provide a cleaner environment.

Dual Fan Capture Zone Control

Keep both sides of the fans turned on for a 360-degree capture zone or turn one side off to position next to a wall or curtain for a 180-degree capture zone.

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Flux Cored (FCAW)
Stick (SMAW)


Title FILTAIR® SWX Dual-Arm Add-On Package, 10 ft. ZoneFlow™ Fume Extraction Arm
Nominal Airflow 875 CFM
Sound Level at 5 Feet 80
Filter Media 490 ft²
45.52 m²
Extraction Arm Length 10 ft


Height: 41.00 Inches
Width: 57.00 Inches
Length: 73.00 Inches
Weight: 391 Lb(s) 0 Oz

Product Questions and Answers

Q - Does this package include the blower? A - Yes, it includes the blower, on/off control box, mounting bracket, duct, backdraft dampers, and 8 in. diameter arm.
Q - What filters does it take? A - For the SWX-D, you need disposable filters (#300539); for the SWX-S you need the self-cleaning filter (#300540).

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