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Ace Welding Fume Extractor Part #73-201 HEPA

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Product Number: 73-201 HEPA
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Ace Welding Fume Extractor #73-201 HEPA

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This Ace Welding Fume Extractor 73-201-HEPA is a crucial component to ensuring welding safety. This fume extractor keeps your working area smoke free letting you easily breathe. Built with a compact design, the 73-201 HEPA Ace extractor features a 113/266 CFM filter capacity. It contains a built in spark trap and 95% efficiency filter for fire safety. This unit accommodates to nine filter combinations for many welding applications. Use this fume extractor for light to medium intensity welding jobs. You can even connect a MIG extraction gun for lighter MIG work. Our Ace Welding Fume Extractors are incredibly lightweight and easy to carry. We recommend using this Ace Welding Fume Extractor for both field work and bench work. Our Ace Fume Extractors come with LED light indicators letting you know when filters need to be changed. Refer to our brochures below for more detailed information on assembly and operation and order today!

Ace Welding Fume Extractor Features:

  • 113/226 CFM high vacuum fume extraction and filter capacity
  • Designed for field and bench work, this unit is lightweght, portable, and easy to use
  • Unit accomodates 9 different filtering combinations for maximum flexibility in all types of applications
  • 73-201-HEPA: HEPA filter for Hexavalent Chromium control
  • Built in spark trap for fire safety
  • LED filter status light alerts operator to the need for filter change
  • Includes 10 foot extraction hose (extra lengths can be added) with flexible nozzle assembly
  • Also includes magnetic support base for hands free operation
  • May be direct connected to MIG extraction gun with optional adapter
  • Optional two-operator adapter increases use and flexibility
  • Heavy Duty steel cabinet will withstand rugged daily use
  • UL Listed
  • Made in USA
  • Dimensions: 24"L x 17"H x 12"W
  • Weight: 58 pounds (with filters installed)


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Ace Welding Fume Extractor Part# 73-201 HEPA Specs

  • 113-226 CFM high vacuum fume extraction and filtration capability
  • Two models: 73-201-HEPA for Hexavalent Chromium control, and 73-201-95 for carbon steel weld fume control
  • 9 available filtering combinations permit maximum flexibility for varying work applications
  • 10-foot durable extraction hose with flexible steel tube hood assembly
  • Magnetic support base allows for hands free operation
  • Filter change status LED light
  • Built-in spark trap for fire safety
  • Heavy-Duty, all-steel cabinet for years of rugged use
  • Optional WeldSense™ arc sensor facilitates ease of use, saves energy, and lengthens filter life
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Made in USA
  • 24”L x 17”H x 12”W, 58 lbs. (with filters installed)

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