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Miller Fume Extractor MWX-D 7ft Part# 951507, 10ft Part#951508, 12ft Part#951509

Part Numbers: 951507, 951508, 951509
UPC: 715959585972
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Miller Fume Extractor MWX-D 7ft #951507, 10ft #951508, 12ft #951509

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Our Miller Mobile Fume Extractors are designed for welding positions requiring mobility. This 7-foot MWX-D Miller Fume Extractor is recommended to use in training centers and fabrication shops. Choose from a 7 foot (951507), 10 foot (951508) or 12 foot (951509) extraction arm. Count on Miller fume extractors to keep smoke and fumes out of your workplace for optimal safety. A powerful 875 CFM makes for maximum airflow and an extraction hood for 360-degree rotation. Miller Mobile Fume Extractors are popular for their lasting quality and ease of use. A compact design features nanofiber technology for an extra-long filter life. The vacuum unit features an efficient airflow for lower operating costs and strong suction power. A flashing indicator light alerts you whenever filter cleaning is needed. Our Miller Fume Extractor MXD model is incredibly lightweight, portable and easy to operate. Refer to the specification sheet below for more details and order today!

Breathe EasyMiller Fume Extractor MWX-D #951507, #951508, #951509

  • Two FILTAIR fume extractor models available — MWX-S and MWX-D provide industrial solutions designed specifically for welding applications.
  • Superior nanofiber filter technology: Results in extended filter life and higher filter efficiency. Self-cleaning model: Features innovative cleaning mechanism, greatly extending filter life.
  • Powerful 875 CFM (airflow): Internal tubing of the extraction arm is obstruction-free to achieve maximum airflow. Extraction hood for 360° rotation: Large capture source provides better coverage and easy movement.
  • Simplicity: Easy to operate, easy to replace or clean filter, easy to maintain. Rugged metal base designed to withstand tough shop conditions.

Cleaner Air

  • FILTAIR fume extractors effectively clean welding fumes from the air. Combining nanofiber filter technology, longer-lasting airflow, and an optimized design results in a more powerful fume extraction system for welding safety.
  • Extended Filter Life
  • Nanofiber filters feature superior surface loading and weld fume holding capacity, meaning your fume extractor can run up to twice as long as the competition before requiring filter cleaning or replacement.
  • Easy to Use
  • Saving operator downtime — from the hinged filter hatch that provides easy access to the filter and tool-free replacement, to a simple front panel and the easy-to-read gauge that tells the operator when it’s time to clean or replace the filter.

FILTAIR Mobile Fume Extractors are the right choice for:

  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Fabrication Shops
  • Maintenance and Repair Operations
  • Schools/Educational Facilities
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Miller Fume Extractor Filtair MWX Series Specifications

Filter Media

490 ft.2 (45.52 m2)

Accu-Rated™ Airflow

875 CGM (413 L/sec.)

Extraction Arm Diameter

8 in. (203 mm)

Sound Level

Approximately 70 dBA at 5 ft. (1.5 m)


1 HP, 3450 RPM


115 V/1-Phase/60 Hz at approximately 11.9 A


Height: 55.00 Inches
Width: 61.00 Inches
Length: 78.00 Inches
Weight: 405 Lb(s) 0 Oz
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Product Questions and Answers

Q - Is the Miller Fume Extractor MWX-D rated to filter hex chrome? A - Yes
Q - What replacement filter does this take? A - The Miller Filtair MWX/SWX disposable replacement filter (#300 539)
Q - Will this filter lead fumes? A - The Miller Fume Extractor MWX-D is not recommended for lead fumes.

How to maintain filter and spark guard:

  1. Wear approved safety equipment.

    A respirator, gloves and long sleeve shirt should be worn.

  2. Release latches on filter housing and open hatch.

    Latches are on either side of the hatch.

  3. Remove filter.

    Use filter handles to remove filter.

  4. Replace filter.

    Vacuum any filtered particles in housing and replace filter (part #300539).

  5. Remove and clean spark guard.

    Spark guard located behind baffle. Replace if screen wires are broken or missing.

  6. Re-install spark guard and filter.

    Close hatch and secure with latches. The maintenance should be done every 6 months.

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