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Measuring out as only 17.5 inches long and weighting a minimal 8.4 lbs. is what makes the DeWalt Reciprocating saw one of the most powerful and innovative sawzalls on the market to date. It is innovative due to its functionality and features with this saw being capable of sending the blade from 0 to over 2900 strokes per minute thanks to the powerful 11.8 amp motor. Featuring a lever-action keyless blade clamp these units allow for the quick and easy changing out of worn or damaged blades without the need of touching the hot blade or shaft. Thus increasing and improving upon the level of safety the worker has when operating with this saw as well as their job efficacy. It does this by being less heavy and cumbersome then other like amperage units and as such decrees user fatigue during its use, and with the smaller size the user will finally be able to have access to tight and hard to maneuver locations of work.

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