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Gauge Profile Nibbler
DeWalt Gauge Profile Nibbler Part #DW897
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Product Number: DW897
Dewalt Head Shear
Dewalt Head Shear
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Product Number: DW890


Cut through metals with the same ease as if it were paper using DeWalt nibblers and shears from welding tool experts, The Welders Supply Company. Slice your way through sheets of metal with the innovative nibblers that have pivoting heads, and feature ball barring motors for continuous long life and multiple speeds for cutting carious metal widths. The 300 degree rotating head allows for a maintained continual line of sight of the cutting line, and as such you can achieve the most extreme precision ever! But the shears are not to be ignored either.


The metal shears that we at The Welders Supply Company offer are completely maneuverable that allow for smooth slicing of metal into curves, circles, or any shape required. Also created by DeWalt these metals shears feature a 6.5 amp motor for continual use and a rotating head for cut as small as 2 inches in diameter. Both powerful and easy to operate these shears from The Welders Supply Company provide the greatest level of power and flexibility with every single cut.

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