Jackson Insight Digital Variable ADF Welding Helmet-Halo X Black #46131

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    Jackson Insight Digital Variable ADF Welding Helmet – Halo X Black #46131

    Featuring the new Jackson safety WH40 Insight Welding Lens!

    • Black finish
    • Variable shade 9-13
    • Viewing area= 3.93" x 2.36" offers un-obstructive view during all stages of welding process without lifting hood
    • Sensitivity and delay adjustments for different tasks and durations
    • 4 independent sensors
    • Easy-to-use digital controls
    • 2-Year warranty on ADF
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    Jackson Insight Digital Variable ADF Welding Helmet-Halo X Black #46131 Specs

    Color Black
    Quantity/Unit 1
    Units/Case 1
    Quantity/Case 1
    Fits Dispensers No
    Replacement Parts 41594

    Product Questions and Answers

    Q - What color is the lens? A - Jackson says it has a blue/green tint that is more green than blue.
    Q - Can this be used with a hard hat? A - Yes, you'll need the Jackson Hard Hat Mounting blade Kit 187-S #15968

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