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ESAB Rogue ET 200iP Pro 0700500073

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Product Number: 700500073

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ESAB Rogue ET 200iP Pro 0700500073

Rogue ET is powerful and easy to handle entry level high frequency start TIG machine. It has been designed with ESAB DNA code which give them great robustness locked in very compact housing. Lightweight, ergonomic handle, carry strap and long extension cables make Rogue ET the ideal solution for field applications. Rogue ET performs with exceptional arc characteristics, both in TIG and Stick mode. There is a broad number of advanced parameters that can be adjusted in TIG: gas pre flow, start current, ramp up time, ramp down time, finish current and post flow. All of these can be worked with 2 or 4 stroke mode. Additionally this version has a pulsing feature with frequency up to 500 Hz for better heat input control. In Stick the user can adjust Hot Start or Arc Force, to match his best welding preferences or application. All of this can be quickly adjusted by simple and intuitive user interface.


  • Excellent high frequency TIG start ensures no failures on ignition with superior arc characteristics for smooth and stable performance
  • Easy to Use –set the welding current and weld with excellent result also compliant for suitable use with generators
  • Robust Design –IP23S designed for both fabrication floor or site applications
  • Advanced TIG controls for full cycle control to match every application you need, and pulse feature up to 500 Hz for perfect control of heat input
  • PFC ensures a stable arc, resistant to power fluctuations even while working on long extension cables up to 100 m (328 ft.)
  • Optional remote current adjustment from: TIG torch, foot pedal, hand remote control


  • Food & beverage
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Civil Construction
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Industrial and General Fabrication


  • Power source with 3 m (10 ft.) mains cable and plug
  • Shoulder strap
  • TIG torch SR-B 26 type with potentiometer 4m (13 ft.)
  • A set of wear parts including tungsten electrode
  • Electrode holder 3 m (10 ft.)
  • return cable with clamp 3 m (10 ft.)
  • Gas regulator
  • Power adapter 115V/230V
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Rouge ET 200iP PRO

Primary Voltage 1 ph
115/230 VAC ± 15%, 1ph, 50/60 Hz
Maximum Output
200 A
Rated kVA
7 kVA
Energy Save Mode
50 W
Open Circuit Voltage
78 V DC
Stick Welding Output
at 25% Duty Cycle
at 60% Duty Cycle
at 100% Duty Cycle

200 A / 28.0 V
129 A / 25.2 V
100 A / 14.0 V
TIG Welding Output
at 25% Duty Cycle
at 60% Duty Cycle
at 100% Duty Cycle

200 A / 18.0 V
129 A / 15.2 V
100 A / 14.0 V
Current Range
10 - 200 A
Operating Temperature
-10 to 40°C (+14 to +104°F)
Enclosure Class IP23S
Certification Mark CSA
Dimensions 403 x 153 x 264 mm (15.7 x 6 x 10.4 in)
Weight 9.6 kg (21.2 lbs)


Height: 10.00 Inches
Width: 10.00 Inches
Length: 16.00 Inches
Weight: 22 Lb(s) 0 Oz

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