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Miller ArcReach® SuitCase® 12, Heavy Duty 301604

Product Number: 301604
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Miller ArcReach® SuitCase® 12, Heavy Duty 301604

The ArcReach SuitCase 12 Heavy Duty model is specifically designed for applications using 3/32-inch wire. Every year, outdated welding equipment can cost you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of productive time. Step up to Miller XMT 350 FieldPro systems with ArcReach technology — and improve your bottom line!

ArcReach welding technology minimizes the non-value-added time spent walking to and from the power source — and maximizes arc-on time, weld quality and jobsite safety.

When operators have complete control at the feeder or remote — even hundreds of feet away from the power source — it minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity, while improving operator safety and delivers high quality welds.


  • More Jobsite Productivity and Efficiency
  • Cable Length Compensation
  • Ultra-low Drag Inlet Guide Pins
  • Scaled Wire Pressure Knob
  • Digital Meters with SunVision™ Technology
  • Sizing
  • Setting the Standard for Performance
  • Unique and Durable Case
  • Extreme Reliability


  • Flux Cored (FCAW)
  • MIG (GMAW)

Miller ArcReach® SuitCase® 12

General Specifications:

Title ArcReach® SuitCase® 12, Heavy Duty
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