Hypertherm HyAccess Extended Electrode #420137

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Hypertherm HyAccess Extended Electrode #420137

HyAccess consumables extend 3 inches greater than standard consumables and make cutting in hard-to-reach places easier!

HyAccess Consumables are compatible with:

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Product Questions and Answers

Q - How long will each electrode last? A - Every situation is different, and the only way to know when to replace the electrode is to check it frequently. It is recommended to replace the nozzle and electrode at the same time, to ensure top performance.
Q - What happens if I forget to replace the electrode? A - Forgetting to replace the electrode can result in a blowout, which ruins both the electrode and nozzle.
Q - When should I change the electrode? A - You should change your electrode when the pit in the insert measures 1mm.
Q - Why would I want this electrode over another? A - The long electrode can give you access to hard-to-reach places that standard consumables cannot reach, such as deep channels in an I-beam.

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