Hypertherm Powermax 30XP Consumables

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Hypertherm Powermax 30 Electrode part #220478 for Sale
Hypertherm Powermax 30 Electrode (Pack of 5)
Hypertherm Powermax 30 Nozzle part#220480
Hypertherm Powermax 30 Nozzle (5-pk)
Hypertherm Powermax 30 Swirl Ring part#220479
Hypertherm Powermax 30 Swirl Ring
Hypertherm PMX 30 Retaining Cap 220483
Hypertherm Powermax 30 Retaining Cap
Hypertherm 30xp Electrode & Nozzle set #428243
Powermax 30xp Nozzle & Electrode set
Hypertherm Powermax 30xp shield #420116
Powermax 30xp Shield
Hypertherm Powermax 30xp swirl ring #420211
Hypertherm Powermax 30xp Swirl Ring
Hypertherm Powermax 30xp retaining cap #420114
Powermax 30xp Retaining Cap
Hypertherm Powermax 30xp fine cut nozzle & electrode set #428244
Powermax 30xp Fine Cut Nozzle & Electrode set
Hypertherm 30xp Fine Cut Shield #420115
Powermax 30xp Fine Cut Shield
Hypertherm HyAccess Consumable Starter Kit #428337 electrode
Hypertherm HyAccess Consumable Starter Kit
Hypertherm HyAccess Extended Electrode #420137
Hypertherm HyAccess Extended Electrode
HyAccess Cutting Nozzle #420144
Hypertherm HyAccess Cutting Nozzle
Hypertherm HyAccess Gouging Nozzle #420147
Hypertherm HyAccess Gouging Nozzle
Hypertherm HyAccess Retaining Cap #420148
Hypertherm HyAccess Retaining Cap
Hypertherm PMX HPR 260 XD Consumables mild steel silver plus electrode #220666
Hypertherm HPR260XD Consumables Mild Steel SilverPlus Electrode
Hypertherm Powermax30XP Parts Kit #851479 shield
Hypertherm Powermax30 XP Essential Consumable Kit

Our more popular Hypertherm consumable parts include:

Best Prices on Hypertherm Powermax 30XP Consumables 

Electrode #420120 for Hypertherm Duramax LT TorchWelders Supply Company not only carries the full range of consumables for use with the Hypertherm Powermax 30XP, but we also have them at the best prices online. Shield deflectors, retaining caps (drag cap), nozzles, swirl rings, electrodes—we have them all.

Every Hypertherm consumable is designed to help increase the longevity of your Hypertherm Powermax 30xp/30Air torch. Whether for drag-cutting, mechanized cutting, or gouging, these consumables are built for precision and durability on the toughest of plasma cutting jobs. We carry individual parts for quick replacements as well as bulk kits.

Whether you’re a garage hobbyist, an artist, or a pro welder, Welders Supply Company has the machines, consumables and replacement parts you need to get the job done right.

About the Hypertherm Powermax 30XP

The Powermax 30XP is a versatile, portable cutting system with a great “two-in-one” design that provides high-power capability for cutting thick metals as well as FineCut consumables for detailed work on thin metals. With 30 amps on tap, it can easily cut mild steel, stainless steel or aluminum.

Lowest Prices on the Full Line of Hypertherm Products and Free Shipping on All Orders Over $300

Welders Supply Company has the best selection of plasma cutting and welding products available online, including the full line of Hypertherm plasma cutters—all at the best prices around. What’s more, we offer free shipping within the continental US on all orders over $300.

Shop all consumable torch parts for Hypertherm Powermax 30 Air and XP, or browse the full Hypertherm Powermax line available at Welders Supply Company.


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