Optrel Weldcap RC 9-12

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Optrel Weldcap RC 9-12 #1008.000

Optrel Weldcap RC 9-12: You’ll Work Harder with More Safety and Comfort

Optrel –the Swiss technology expert – is the world’s most innovative manufacturer of protective welding helmets. The Optrel Weldcap RC 9-12 from Welders Supply is no exception. It’s a baseball cap and auto-darkening welding helmet -- all in one! You’ll really appreciate this Weldcap when the heat is on and more work has to be done in less time. Less quality is never an option. You need to do your best work under all circumstances. You’ll like how the Optrel Weldcap RC 9-12 provides the ultimate in efficiency, comfort and protection. The lightweight mask gives you a wide viewing area. The filter is true color with an exceptionally clear see-through. You can select whatever shade level you prefer.

Optrel Weldcap RC 9-12: 170 Percent More Viewing Area than Competitive Units

This Weldcap is the ultimate in welding comfort. You’ll appreciate the maximum user protection it provides as well as a viewing area 170% larger than competitive units. There is a low battery LED warning (which won’t happen too often because the battery operating life is about a thousand hours!). The Optrel Weldcap is both evolutionary and revolutionary! Just the green and black baseball cap appearance would be enough to want one. Welders Supply is proud to offer top-quality products like the Optrel Weldcap RC 9-12 with the latest auto-darkening protection.

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Height: 12.00 Inches
Width: 12.00 Inches
Length: 12.00 Inches
Weight: 2 Lb(s) 0 Oz

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