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Map of distribution areasHydrogen Gas Used for High-Temperature Welding

Hydrogen gas (chemical formula H2) is the most plentiful substance in our universe but is mostly contained in complex molecules, molecular bonds, or in the center of stars, making it very expensive to recover. Most hydrogen is recovered as a by-product of other industrial processes, though some is manufactured via electrolysis. Some of the most common uses for hydrogen include:

Hydrogen transfers heat very quickly. It extracts energy from the arc to the piece you're working on extremely quickly. Alloys can be melted without oxidized buildup or fluxes. Atomic Hydrogen Welding is employed when rapid welding is necessary. The flame generated by an arc connected to hydrogen gas reaches up to 400 degrees Celsius (7,232 degrees Fahrenheit, significantly higher than acetylene).

Because of the extreme heat transfer and precision required, hydrogen welding isn't practiced very often. However, it is in some cases the only way to achieve certain kinds of welds. The lack of oxidation and minimal runoff/waste makes it highly attractive for skilled welders looking for a specialized weld. When hydrogen gas burns its only by-product is H20 (oxide of hydrogen) and thus is very useful in applications that cannot tolerate carbon or carbon dioxide as a by-product of combustion. 

If you are looking to incorporate Hydrogen into your welding arsenal, know the risks beforehand. Hydrogen is highly flammable and has a wide explosive radius when stored at elevated pressure. Consult its Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before engaging in a potentially dangerous activity. Be cautious. Stay safe. Know what you're working with. Contact Welders Supply to fill up your cylinders.

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