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Propylene gas is produced as a raw material for the production of various plastic alloys and has found wide use as a heating and cutting fuel in the metal fabrication industries.

Propylene gas is much safer to store and use than Acetylene gas and it offers significant performance advantages when used to cut or heat carbon steels. Propylene gas offers a different combustion profile than acetylene gas releasing 80% of its total BTUs in the secondary envelope of the flame, whereas acetylene gas releases 70% of its total BTUs in the primary cone of the flame. The result is a broad, deep heating profile when using propylene gas in oxygen whereas acetylene gas in oxygen produces a pinpoint heating profile, making it less effective when heating or cutting heavier sections of carbon steel.

The primary benefits of propylene gas, when compared to acetylene gas:

Propylene gas is flammable and in a limited range explosive in air so appropriate precautions should be taken in the storage and use of propylene gas. Propylene gas is heavier than air and thus presents a hazard if propylene cylinders or propylene handling equipment leak in an enclosed area, the flammable gas will form a layer close to ground level and can present an extreme hazard if an ignition source is provided. Propylene gas should be stored separately from oxygen cylinders. Consult Propylene's Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) before using the gas in your welding project. Give Welders Supply a call today!

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