Argon Gas Mixtures for Welding

Map of argon gas mixture distribution centersArgon Gas Mixtures Supplied by Welding Carriers Fit Your Specifications

Welders use a wide variety of argon (Ar) and carbon dioxide (CO2) gas mixtures in their workshops depending on the project. Users may use any of the following common Argon-CO2mixtures by percentage:

  • 90-10
  • 75-25 (most common in the United States)
  • 92-8
  • 85-15
  • 80/20

The percentage of argon in your welding gas makes a big difference. The implied standard for argon gas mixture is 75-25, a versatile combination for most welding jobs. Increased argon levels make the arc smoother but also increases pool fluidity. Your arc gets more fluid. Too little negates the benefit of the argon in the first place, making you pay a premium for no great benefit.

For even more highly specialized welding applications, you may use argon-oxygen mixes 98-2 or 95-5, tri-mix welding argon gases, such as 90-8-2 Argon-CO2-Oxygen and Mizon welding mixes.

Percentages are different for every project. No matter the job, you need to be prepared to handle a potentially dangerous, flammable gas mixture. Consult argon's Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before attempting to use it in your welding shop. Never assume safety. You must be knowledgeable about your tools and welding gases to avoid injury.

Same Day Argon Gas Cylinder Delivery in Wisconsin and Illinois

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