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Welding Apparel and Clothing

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Our most popular welding apparel & clothing includes:

Tillman Leather Welding Jacket Best deal online product #3280

Tillman Leather Welding Jacket

Tillman Cowhide Drivers Gloves for sale online product #1414

Tillman Cowhide Drivers Gloves

Teal Tillman Firestop Jacket fast shipping on sale product #6230L

Tillman Firestop Jacket

Best Welding Apparel & Clothing at the Lowest Prices

Every year, professional baseball has an all-star game showcasing the best players in the league. That's right, ONE time per year. Pffft! Welders Supply does this EVERY DAY with an all-star lineup of welding products and supplies from the top manufacturers in the welding industry.

Here's our all-star lineup of world-class companies you'll find represented in our welding apparel offerings:

  • 3M
  • Ace Welding
  • BISH
  • Classic Cloth
  • E-A-R
  • Gateway
  • J Tillman
  • Jackson
  • Kromer
  • Miller
  • Moldex
  • Optrel
  • Sellstrom
  • Speedglas
  • Tillman
  • WeldX

Quality Welding Products, Low Prices & 5-Star Customer Service

Sellstrom Multi-Purpose Face ShieldWelders Supply is pleased to offer quality welding apparel and products at prices that can’t be beat. Our agenda is pretty simple: Welders need to be protected, productive and profitable. We do everything humanly possible to make this happen.

Customer service isn’t just a buzzword at Welders Supply. You will always deal with friendly, knowledgeable professionals who know the welding business. They understand the challenges you face because they’ve been welders themselves. You’ll always get straight answers from someone who knows what it’s like on your end of the telephone.

Industrial Safety Apparel & Welding Clothing

Welders Supply Company offers the industrial and welding safety apparel providing you on-the-job protection. Our industrial safety apparel features affordable, quality Tillman welding and other name brand apparel like Tillman welding jackets, welding capes, and Kromer welding caps. Tillman welding jackets offer new Freedom Flex cotton construction for awesome flexibility and comfort without the strait-jacket feel of yesterday’s welding jackets. Tillman chaps, welding aprons, and welding capes are sewn with Kevlar thread, deflecting even the keenest welding debris, and are available in either leather or cotton construction for the level of comfort and maneuverability you need. Legendary Kromer welding caps are constructed from top-grade, durable cotton and rugged double stitching right here in the U.S.A. in a variety of colorful designs.

Free Shipping on Orders Over $300

You read right, Welders Supply offers free shipping within the continental US on all orders over $300. Let your online shopping cart runneth over!

Shop Welders Supply today for the lowest online prices on welding helmets, welding jackets, and badass welding caps. For questions, call 1-844-682-0205.
Shop Tillman Cowhide Drivers Glove #1414 online
Tillman Cowhide Drivers Glove
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Gateway StarLite Safety Glasses #4679
Gateway StarLite Safety Glasses -Clear/Anti-Fog
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Jackson Safety VIBE Earmuff #20774
Jackson Safety, VIBE Earmuff
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Miller Digital Elite Auto Darkening Welding Helmet #257213
Miller Digital Elite AutoDarkening Welding Helmet 'Black'
Out of Stock
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Tillman Green Sleeves #6217
Tillman Green Sleeves
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Tillman Firestop Jacket #6230
Tillman Firestop Jacket
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Hypertherm Powermax 45XP/65/85/105 Electrode #220842 (Pack of 5) Plasma cutting
Hypertherm Powermax 45XP/65/85/105 Electrode (5-pk)
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Tillman Backhand Pads Part#550
Tillman Backhand Pad
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Miller Fastip Contact Tips #2061(86,87,88,89,90)
Miller Fastip Contact Tips 2061(86,87,88,89,90)
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Miller Millermatic 211 #907614 - 6 Free items with purchase Millermatic 211 Auto-Set Mig Welder
Millermatic 211 Auto-Set Mig Welder
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