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Miller Weldcraft Tungsten #WL532X7

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Product Number: WL532X7
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Miller Weldcraft Tungsten Electrodes #WL532X7

Weldcraft Tungsten electrodes withstand very high temperatures with minimal melting or erosion. Peform well in DC welding and arc starting at low current settings, and can be used in AC processes. Weldcraft's premium line of tungsten electrodes have undergone rigorous testing to ensure the highest qality and durability.

Get the best deals on Weldcraft products from Welders Supply, we have everything from electrodes for your welders to lenses for your welding helmets. These Tungsten electrodes are great for any welding project, whether you’re welding copper, titanium or two dissimilar metals. These electrodes can do it all. You won’t have to worry about replacing them either, Weldcraft creates quality electrodes to will last as long as possible and deliver quality arcs the whole time. Whatever you need to keep welding, we’ve got it at an unbelievably low price.

Welders Supply has a well-built inventory of plasma cutting machines and consumable plasma cutter parts available for sale.

5/32", pkg of 10


Height: 0.30 Inches
Width: 2.30 Inches
Length: 8.00 Inches
Weight: 0 Lb(s) 16 Oz

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