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RPB Safety Z4 Welding Helmet and Papr System #15-019-21-FR

Part Numbers: 15-019-21-FR
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RPB  Z4 Welding Helmet & Papr System #15-019-21-FR
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RPB Safety

Helmet Viewing Area:

X-Large (10+ in²)

RPB Safety Z4 Welding Helmet and Papr System #15-019-21-FR

This product is essentially the same as the RPB Safety Z4 Welding Helmet and Papr System #15-019-11-FR. The only difference between the two products is that this #15-019-21-FR model offers a FR shoulder cape instead of a FR face shield. Insert link here

Breathe Easy

Protect your lungs from dangerous airborne particles with the Z4 Welding Helmet and Papr system. This product is extremely durable and is built to withstand extended exposure. We prioritize your safety first but we know the reality of welding. Comfort is equally important while working long hard hours. The Z4 was designed with that in mind. Over 23% lighter than other competing brands, this device offers the best user experience possible. Through ergonomic design technology, the design is balanced and the weight is distributed evenly. This means you'll have fewer aches and pains and more time to enjoy.

See Better

The Z4 gives you a clear and complete field of vision. Advanced angular dependence control guarantees distortion-free vision. This allows operators to work comfortably across many different angles as required. The Z4 also boasts an impressive Clip-In 5 side windows to offer maximum peripheral visions. Additionally, we include a flip-up welding visor. This can be lifted to check welds and instantly begin grinding. Additional link accessories are available to customize for your welding environment needs.


3 Key Advantages

  1. 23% Lighter
  2. Increased Visibility
  3. Adjustable Airflow




More welding machine options available on Welders Supply. 

Comes Complete with: 

RPB Z4 Respirator

FR Shoulder Cape (#15-721)

Breathing Tube (#04-837)

PX4 Papr (#03-901-FR)


Height: 16.50 Inches
Width: 11.00 Inches
Length: 21.50 Inches
Weight: 7 Lb(s) 8 Oz

Product Questions and Answers

Q - Does the cape have any flame protection? A - Yes, the cape on the Z4 helmet is fire retardant.
Q - What does this weigh? A - 1.77 lbs. It is the lightest welding/grinding respirator made.

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