Miller Toughcut Select Acetylene Pack 287643

Product Number: 287643
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Miller Toughcut Select Acetylene Pack 287643

Designed for Safety

Engineered for strength and operator safety - under rugged conditions.
Three-tube construction -  to keep gases separate in the cutting attachment until mixed at the tip for safety. Mixed gas stays farthest away from the operator.
Gases are mixed at the tip -  for safety and resistance to flashback.
Concave-shaped tip end - to reduce backfire and resist flameout.
Sintered stainless steel filter - in flashback arrestor stops flashback fire. Auto-reset with built-in check valve.

What's Included:

  • WH100 handle
  • CC509P cutting attachment
  • MC12-1 cutting tip
  • MC12-2 cutting tip
  • MT603 heating tip
  • Torch-mount flashback arrestors
  • Single-flint lighter
  • Shade 5 safety glasses
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