Miller® Generationn 3.5 Replacement Welding Helmet Headgear #284218

Part Number: 284218
UPC: 715959673020

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Miller® Generationn 3.5 Replacement Welding Helmet Headgear #284218

Genuine Miller Gen 3.5 welding helmet headgear offers comfort and design improvements over the Miller Generation III headgear. It is the direct OEM replacement headgear for Miller Digital Infinity™, Digital Elite™ and Digital Performance™ series welding helmets. It can be used with all past and current Miller welding helmets, WITH THE EXCEPTION of the Miller T-94™ series. The Gen 3.5 headgear features an oversized, patented Flextech comfort cushion, with ratchet-style size adjustment, as well as tilt, angle and depth adjustments. It can be used as a direct replacement for Miller part #770246, #256174 or #271325 headgear.

Oversized, patented Flextech Cushion and ratchet-style size adjustment maximizes comfort
Flexible, ergonomic design provides enhanced support and stability
Tilt, angle and depth adjustments allow users to customize the fit

Suitable for use with
Miller Digital Infinity™ welding helmets
Miller MP-10™ welding helmets
Miller XLix™ welding helmets
Miller Classic™ welding helmets
Miller Pro-Hobby™ welding helmets
Miller Performance™ welding helmets
Miller Elite™ & Digital Elite™ welding helmets
Miller Titanium™ & Digital Titanium™ welding helmets
Hobart PRO™ & Impact™ series welding helmets


Height: 5.00 Inches
Width: 7.00 Inches
Length: 6.00 Inches
Weight: 0 Lb(s) 8 Oz

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