Moldex 2200 Series N95 Respirators - 20 Pack

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Moldex 2200 Series N95 Respirators #2200N95

The Moldex 2200 Series N95 particulate respirators are a durable and cost effective respirator mask.

Their patented Moldex Dura-Mesh shell is designed to resist collapsing in heat and humidity and makes it comfortable for longer duration use.

2200 N95 Respirators Feature:

  • Naturally contoured facepiece
  • Foam nose bridge for added comfort
  • Flame resistant

N95 respirators are NIOSH certified to have filter efficiency level of 95% or greater against particulate aerosols free from oil. An ideal respirator for hot, humid and dusty environments.

Made in the USA

Reccommended for Brazing, Oxy-fuel welding, Resistance welding, and soldering.

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