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Vise Mount for ArcStation Part#300612

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Product Number: 300612
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Vise Mount for ArcStation #300612

The Vise Mount for ArcStation #300612 from Welders is just what you need to complete your new ArcStation, the only workstation designed exclusively to meet the needs of welding professionals. The vise is perfectly designed and easy to attach to welding workbenches and welding tables. It will be a handy and convenient tool which you can use to secure your welding projects. The ArcStation is a perfect working surface. No placing the material on just any object in the workplace or, worse, on the floor. This vise solves a lot of problems, making every weld easier, quicker and safer.

The ArcStation and its accessories are some of the most popular welding products and supplies we offer at Welders Supply. Welders love the attractive, functional and durable ArcStation. The vise mount complements it in a useful and affordable manner. All ArcStation accessories are well-designed and durable. At Welders Supply, we are pleased to offer these outstanding welding products at extremely competitive prices, the best you will find anywhere on the internet.

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Height: 5.51 Inches
Width: 7.48 Inches
Length: 7.48 Inches
Weight: 5 Lb(s) 0 Oz

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