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Thermal Arc 186 AC/DC Package w/ Foot Control & Utility Cart

Part Number: W1006304
UPC: 0822635024042
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Welding type:





Power supply:

220V Single Phase

220V Single Phase

Material type:

Mild Steel

Mild Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel



  • Stick Welding
  • TIG Welding
  • 220v
  • Single Phase

Thermal Arc 186 AC/DC Package w/Foot Control & Utility Cart #W1006304

Includes the W1006301 with Foot Control (W4013200) & Cart (W4014700)

This package is an extremely versatile stick & TIG welding system suitable for a wide range of applications. Offers AC and DC output for aluminum and other non-ferrous alloys, stainless and mild steel, and chromemoly. At just 48.4 lbs, it's light enough and compact enough to go wherever the job is, and with IP23S certification that includes outdoor jobsites. Backed by Thermal Arc's unbeatable 3-year warranty.


  • Lift TIG (GTAW)


  • Aluminum Fabricators
  • Training Institutions
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • On-Site & Portable Welding Applications
  • Automotive, Boats & Trailers

Process Capability: HF TIG (GTAW), LIFT TIG (GTAW), STICK (SMAW).


  • AC and DC output for aluminum and non-ferrous alloys, stainless, mild steel & chrome molys.
  • AC Frequency: Adjustable frequency of the AC square wave when welding on aluminum for optimized set up.
  • Wave Balance: Adjustable for optimized penetration or cleaning action when welding on aluminum.
  • Pulse: Changes the weld current from high to low at a specified frequency, reduces heat input on thin material.
  • Preflow & Postflow: Enables independent control over shielding gas before and after the weld.
  • Upslope / Downslope & Crater modes: Eliminates blow holes on starting and cracking at the end of the weld.
  • Hot Start: Ensures consistent arc starting.
  • HF Arc Start: Provides non-contact arc starting that eliminates tungsten or material contamination.
  • Lift TIG Start: Provides optimized TIG arc starting without the use of high frequency.


  • Fixed Hot Start & Adjustable Arc Force Control for optimum Stick electrode performance.

Other Features:

  • Digital Meters: Voltage and Amperage; Preview and Hold Capability for easy set up.
  • Trigger Control: 4T (Latch) eliminates operator fatigue.
  • Gas Purge: Ensures gas lines are purged at start of weld.
  • Comprehensive Setup Chart: Weld set up guide for optimum welding performance over a wide range of materials.
  • Remote Receptacle: Enables connection of remote control devices like a foot pedal and torch slide control
  • Excellent Portability: Lightweight at 48.4 lbs
  • Overload Protection: Shuts down the power source to protect the internal electrical components from overheating.
  • Meets IP23S Standards: Suitable for outdoor use.
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Rated Output

  • 200A / 18V @ 20% Duty Cycle
  • 116A / 14.6V @ 60% Duty Cycle
  • 90A / 13.6V @ 100% Duty Cycle


  • 70.3 VDC / 50 VAC


  • 10 – 200 Amp


  • 48.4 lb (22 kg)


Part No: W1006301

Description: Tweco 186 ACDC TIG/Stick Package


Height: 15.75 Inches
Width: 9.45 Inches
Length: 18.70 Inches
Weight: 48 Lb(s) 6 Oz

Product Questions and Answers

Q - Can you adjust the frequency of the AC square wave for welding aluminum? A - Yes, it's adjustable from 15Hz to 150 Hz.
Q - Does this come with any electrodes? A - Yes, 4 general purpose E6013 stick electrodes.

How to Pick a Place to Weld:

  1. Avoid Disturbants.

    Avoid moisture, dust, oil, steam, rain, sunlight, and corrosive gases.

  2. Set Room Temperature.

    Make sure ambient temperature is between 0° C and 40° C.

  3. Allow Air Flow.

    Set up at a distance of 12” or more from walls or similar items that restrict airflow.

  4. Check Power Source.

    Make sure that the enclosure design of the power source meets the requirements of IP23S as outlines in EN 60529, including that it won’t tip over.

  5. Avoid Distractions.

    Make sure that the environment that you are in does not have vibrations or anything that would affect your work.

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