Best Plasma Cutters for Art

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Cutmaster 1-1130-5
Cutmaster 82, 80 Amp, SL60, 20 ft Leads, 600V, 3Ph
Hypertherm Powermax 45 Plasma Cutter Part# 088016 20Ft Hand Torch
Hypertherm Powermax 45 Plasma Cutter
Out of Stock
Powermax65 Plasma Torch (200-600 V CSA) 100°,25’, CPC Port and Voltage Divider with Remote Pendant #083300
Hypertherm Powermax 65 25 ft Hand Torch +180° Machine Torch + CPC
Out of Stock
Miller Spectrum 875 Auto-Line XT60 Hand-Held Torch with 20ft Cable #907584 Miller Spectrum 875 Auto-Line XT60 Hand-Held Torch
Miller Spectrum 875 Auto-Line XT60 Hand-Held Torch
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Plasma Cutters for Art

Plasma Cutters for Art for SaleMaking art using a plasma cutter will be easier than ever when you buy from Welders Supply. Our advanced plasma cutters are perfect making precise, clean cuts that will look great on any metal. Plasma cutters are the perfect tool for slicing through ferrous or nonferrous metals; anything that can conduct electricity can be cut by plasma. No need to worry about rust either, plasma cutters will cut right through rusty or dirty metal with no problem whatsoever. If you’ve previously been limited by working with oxy-acetylene, you can expand your medium to pretty much any metal! If you want the ease of slicing through metal without the cleanup of a mechanical saw and the mobility of any portable welder, check out Welders Supply and pick up a state-of-the-art plasma cutter today and save money and time!

Tillman Premium Kidskin Tig Gloves #24C
Tillman 24C Premium Kidskin TIG Gloves
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Gateway StarLite Safety Glasses #469M
Gateway StarLite Safety Glasses - Blue Mirror Lens
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Jackson Safety VIBE Earmuff #20774
Jackson Safety, VIBE Earmuff
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Miller Digital Infinity™ Series Helmet- Black #271329 Miller Digital Infinity Series Helmet- Black
Miller Digital Infinity Series Helmet- Black
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Tillman Green Sleeves #6217
Tillman Green Sleeves
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Miller Classic Cloth
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Shop Hypertherm Powermax 45 Nozzle Part #220671 at Welder Supply
Hypertherm Powermax 45 Nozzle (Pack of 5)
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Revco Economy Mesh Safety Vest #SVO105
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Tillman Backhand Pads Part#550
Tillman Backhand Pad
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Miller Fastip Contact Tips #2061(86,87,88,89,90)
Miller Fastip Contact Tips 2061(86,87,88,89,90)
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