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Powermax125 Plasma Cutter w/ 85° Hand Torch, CPC Port (460V) #059537

Part Number: 059537
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Cut capacity:

1/2" Capacity

1/2" Capacity

Plasma torch:



Power supply:

220V Single Phase

220V Single Phase

Material type:

Mild Steel

Mild Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel




Introducing the Hypertherm Powermax125 Plasma Cutter with an 85° hand torch and CPC port (#059537). This industrial-grade powerhouse redefines cutting and gouging performance. With a robust 125 amps, it effortlessly tackles challenging applications, slicing through metals up to 57mm (2-1/4") thick at a remarkable 125mm/min (5 ipm).

Benefit from advanced technology that automatically adjusts gas pressure and detects electrode end-of-life, ensuring precise cuts while safeguarding the torch and workpiece. Bid farewell to manual adjustments and embrace consistent, high-quality results.

The Powermax125 guarantees exceptional productivity and efficiency, boasting cut speeds five times faster than oxyfuel and a 100% duty cycle. Experience uninterrupted cutting time, accelerating progress on any project. Its extended consumables life further saves time and money on replacements.

Elevate versatility by adding compatible Duramax torches, expanding capabilities from hand cutting to portable automation, x-y table cutting, and even robotic cutting and gouging. This package includes the Powermax125 power supply with a CPC port and voltage divider, an 85-degree Duramax hand torch, and a 25 ft work cable. To unlock automated cutting capabilities, integrate a machine torch seamlessly.

Experience the zenith of cutting performance with the Hypertherm Powermax125 Plasma Cutter. Crafted for durability and professional results, it stands as the ultimate choice for craftsmen and professionals alike.

Always refer to operating guides for recommended adjustments. For inquiries, contact Welders Supply Company at 1-800-236-8825.



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Hypertherm Powermax 125 Specifications

Input voltages 480/600 V, 3-PH, 50/60 Hz
Input current @ 21.9 kW 480/600 V, 31/24 A
Output current 30-125 A
Rated output voltage 175 VDC
Duty cycle @ 104° F (40° C) 100% @ 125 A, 480/600 V, 3-PH
Open circuit voltage (OCV) 320 VDC
Dimensions with handles 23.3" D; 10.8" W; 20.0" H
Weight w/ 25' torch

400 V - 105.7 lbs

600 V - 104.7 lbs

Gas supply Clean, dry, oil-free air or nitrogen
Recommended gas inlet flow rate/pressure

Cutting: 260 l/min (550 scfh) @ 5.9 bar (85 psi)

Gouging: 212 l/min (450 scfh) @ 4.1 (60 psi)

Input power cable length 10'
Power supply type Inverter - IGBT
Engine drive requirement 40 kW for full 125 A output
Certifications CSA-certified for use in the Americas and Asia, except China
Warranty Power supplies have a 3-year warranty and torches a 1-year warranty



Cut Speed

Recommended 1½" 18 ipm
  1 ¾” 10 ipm

Severance (hand cutting)

2 ¼” 5 ipm
Pierce* 1"
  *Pierce rating for handheld use or with automatic torch height control


Metal removal rate

Groove profile*

Typical gouge 27.6 lbs/hr 0.17-0.31" D x 0.24-0.390" W
  *Actual groove profile varies with torch angle, arc stretch, and technique   



Height: 1.00 Inches
Width: 1.00 Inches
Length: 1.00 Inches
Weight: 1 Lb(s) 0 Oz

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